Monday, July 19, 2010


22 Weeks!

We have some exciting news we wanted to share! On Thursday we went in for our first ultrasound(which was surreal, by the way). It was strange to see the little person inside, Melody could hardly believe it. Scott was glued to the monitor( it was like the discovery channel for him). The baby had the hiccups the entire time we were being ultrasounded. At first the baby didn't want to cooperate with the technician trying to determine gender. So, they moved on to measuring bones, etc...They couldn't see all four chambers of the heart and tried to get the baby to roll over so they could see better. After prodding my belly a little the baby did move and then promptly rolled back to the previous position and continued kicking those beautiful legs! And then.....they discovered IT IS A GIRL!! So, until we hear different we are working on that theory.(the picture was pretty clear though). We are pretty excited! So, one more girl will be added to the family November 29th!