Sunday, October 3, 2010


I have had quite the awakening lately. Being pregnant has definately not been a walk in the park for Scott and I, which was a surprise. There have been many ups and downs, lots of "losing my cookies", some scares and checking in to the hospital and some REALLY cranky emotional days. Some days it's been a real challenge to be optimistic. Don't get me wrong, I'm always happy to be having a baby but there are some days that I wish it wasn't so hard. Then I run into people who didn't have a single pregnancy symptom and loved the whole experience and I feel a little resentful. But, in the last month or so, which has been the easiest part of the pregnancy for me, I have discovered something that has helped change my perspective. I had no idea until recently that a handful of my friends are unable to bear children. What an eye -opener. They have talked on their blogs about how they would give anything to be having the experience that I am, including the misery, pain, soreness, crankyness, etc.. Wow! How narrow-minded have I been.. I am so blessed to be having the experience that I am. I have to remember that on days like today when it's a rollarcoaster. Scott and I have been given the opportunity to bear a child and help her become the person she is meant to be and I can't forget that. I have a wonderful loving husband who takes care of me and worries over the little things that could posssibly go wrong with the baby and is there to hold me when I cry about badly worded sales ads, sleepless nights and sappy tv shows. I wish so much for my friends to be in different situations but I am so grateful that they were able to remind me of the wonderful opportunity I am having and help me to have more perspective. So, factoring in everything in our pregnancy that has been a disillusionment and been miserable, I would still choose to be having a baby and am grateful to those who have helped open my eyes and wish I could help them as well!