Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Cake mischief

While making a new cake Abby was quite curious about what was going on and so I let her watch me mix the batter and the frosting. She got really into it when I was making the fondant so she tasted some and decided she should only eat that the rest of the day. Between that and the chocolate frosting that went between the layers she was a sugar baby!

Abby eating her spoonful of frosting and thoroughly enjoying herself.

The finished cake. Definitely not what I had in mind but that's what I get for working on it while Abby was awake and "helping".

Monday, February 13, 2012

Only in Utah...

I had a good chuckle today. While the babies were sleeping I decided it was high time that I paid some bills over the phone, as they have been nagging at me in the back of my mind for about a week now. While on the phone with Abby's doctors office paying her bill the woman needed to know our address in order to make sure I really was Abigail's mother. After the bill was paid, she said, hhmm...I'm looking at your address and you live around the corner from me but I'm trying to figure out which house is yours. So, being cautious, I gave a very bland description that could have fit almost any house in the neighborhood. She then chimed in with a few more detailed questions about the house that showed she did know the neighborhood super well and then mentioned that she had known the previous owner (who has passed away) and that she had been her visiting teacher.  And then she said, WE ARE IN THE SAME WARD! Now, this is wonderful news as I am an active member of my ward congregation and need to make friends in the area but what if I hadn't even been a member? Only in Utah would you get comments like that over the phone from a complete stranger. It made me smile and chuckle to myself a little.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Scott's quilt

Some of you may remember the "project" I was working on last  fall that took me about three months. It was a quilt for Scott's birthday that I finished the day before his birthday. I was worried I wouldn't get it done and it was a close call but I made it. So, here is the finished product. Not perfect by any means but definitely the most complicated blanket I've attempted. I can make clothes, but quilts are a little intimidating, I'm not sure why...

It's called a colorbrick quilt. I used the same blue flannel that is the sashing between the bricks on the back of the quilt because Scott really liked the idea of a flannel back when I made Abby's birthday quilt with a flannel back so it would soft against her skin. The instructions I found online were for a lap size blanket but I wanted to make it a twin size so Scott could use it for camping and road trips and such so I had to make some calculations and guesses but in the end I was pretty happy with it and he loved it so that's what really matters.


Last night after we read with Abby and she winding down for bed she came over to give me kisses on the cheek while I was lying on the living room floor. She has given me a "kiss" twice before but not really knowing what she was doing. So, it was super cute when she came over, bent down , stuck her lips next next to my cheek and waited for something to happen(her best guess at what a kiss is). After a moment she got a huge smile and climbed back into her chair. A moment later she back to do the same thing and again another big satisfied smile. What a doll!
Some days I am just overwhelmed with how adorable she is and I just want to hold her and squeeze her. I went in to check on her before I went to sleep last night and she looked so peaceful and sweet curled up in bed with her cheetah I just wanted to scoop her up and snuggle with her. She loves holding hands and she will come up beside you and hold her hand up in the hand, opening and closing her fist until you put your finger in there for her to hold so she can take you somewhere. Usually it's into the kitchen so she can ask for more of something she wants to eat or if we are playing in the backyard she will want you to walk her over to the fence to see if the neighbor dogs are outside so she can bark at them.
Now, I just have to remember these moments on the days when she is driving me crazy ;)