Monday, July 16, 2012

water baby

A few weeks ago I was giving Abby a bath and couldn't resist playing with her hair. I knew it was long but I didn't know it was THAT long!

Last week Abby was getting antsy while waiting for Scott to come home from work so we decided to play outside while we waited. After walking up and down our street a few times we laid down on the grass in our front yard to take a break. Abby can't sit still for long so she disappeared up onto our porch where we have a few planters.
This is what Scott came home to find happening on his porch!

I guess a little supervision when she's close to dirt would be a good idea! She had a lot of fun with it though!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Who needs diapers? Not Abby...

It has begun. After putting Abby down for her nap she was jabbering and trying to get my attention. Usually she's good about laying down and going to sleep so after a while I went in to check on her and what do I find? A TOTALLY naked Abby standing her crib looking very satisfied with herself.
When did she learn to take off her diaper? I was torn between laughing and crying while I stripped the sheet off her mattress. Thankfully we had a waterproof sheet under her fabric one...I have heard stories from other mothers and  I know it could have been much worse than just wet. Oh, the joys of motherhood!

On another note, she has become such a good little "mother" to her babies. She loves to wrap them up in blankets and towels and carry them around giving them kisses, trying to feed them her food and give them bottles. What a sweetie, it melts my heart every time. And then when she's done with the baby she throws it on the floor and moves on to something else. Yeah, we might have to work on that part of it soon.