Saturday, March 26, 2016

Made In Germany

Our new "Made In Germany" order is on its way but takes 36-40 weeks to arrive. The Twichels will be a family of five later this year!!!!! We are due the first week of September so we will probably have the baby the end of August. We are very excited to welcome another child to our family!

Speaking of excited, the girls are super excited. They really want a little brother and have named the baby multiple times already. The give "the baby" kisses and hugs, which makes me happy. We will see how much they love their little sibling when the baby actually arrives.

Friday, March 25, 2016

February Quilt Along

It might not seem that I completed my February blocks in time to get them submitted before the deadline since I haven't posted them but I did get them done on time! In fact one of my blocks won the monthly giveaway. It's a randomly generated number type of giveaway so it's no testament to my skill but I am excited to check out the fabric that I won!

These were definitely more challenging than they appeared but I like the way they turned out! March's blocks look much easier so stay tuned!