Monday, June 13, 2011


I realize that's it's been quite a while since I have posted anything.. There are periods in life where you feel as though the everyday things that are going on just aren't blog worthy. But, no worries, the Twichel family is alive and well!
We took a fabulous trip to Maui a few weeks ago.

Our flight from LA to Maui was delayed because once the plane pulled onto the runway area a large puddle appeared under the plane. Turns out there was a hydraulic fluid leak. 3 hours later we left. Abby slept on both flights to Maui and then on both flights home. The flight from Maui to La was also 3 hours late.
Abby didn't take to the ocean AT ALL but she loved the swimming pool! Those cute chubby little legs and hands were just going and going! It won't be long before she's swimming laps. Her face went into the water several times, sometimes by accident and sometimes by her choice but she just sputtered a little and kept on going. Her little pink ducky was a friend for her in the water!
We spent a LOT of time in water and on the beach which was one of the things I looking forward to. I conquered some fears and had some new experiences that really showed me a few things. One: I am capable of far more than I have allowed myself to believe. Two: It's okay to put myself out there with the potential to fail and look like a loser when I try something new. Three: I married the most amazing, supportive, understanding and self confidence building man. He has helped me to have the confidence to try new things and to know that I can do it but if I do fail he will always be there to hold me, love me and put bandaids on my scrapes (literally).
Scott body boarding

We had an amazing time snorkeling (one of those new experiences). There were two beaches right by our condo that we could walk out to and swim and snorkel. There were amazing fish and we saw huge sea turtles. The turtles were so close we could have swam up and touched them in seconds but we were smart and didn't swim closer.

One of my most memorable experiences was Stand up paddleboarding with Scott(another new experience). Scott scraped up his leg while surfing on his board and I jammed my toes pretty bad and it was still incredible!

One of our last mornings there we got up super early and drove to the top of the volcano to watch the sunrise. It was a two hour drive in pitch blackness and it was extremely misty with hairpin turns all the way up the volcano. I don't do well with heights but since I was the only one of "the kids" who was old enough to drive the rental car I couldn't just close my eyes and ignore the scariness since I was driving. It was white knuckle for a bit but I made it! It was so cold and wet at the top of the volcano!! The mist never receeded so we couldn't even see a hint of the sunrise. But, it was still a great trip and I accomplished something hard for me!
Another day Scott and I took a day trip up to Lahaina to go snorkeling and explore the area. We snorkeled at Black Rock and saw amazing fish! Some of them glowed in the light. Alas, when we went back to the van we discovered that Scott had gone snorkeling with the car keys in his pocket. They happened to be electronic keys and so the chip inside was fried. There is only one guy on the island who can fix it. So, we had to wait for him to drive out to fix it and then pay his exhorbitant fee because we had no choice. Ggrrr.... lesson learned...don't buy a car with electronic keys!
It was wonderful to get to spend so much time with family! Mom and dad Twichel were wonderful and watched Abby for us so Scott and I could get out and not have to worry about Abigail. She tried blueberries for the first time and she loved them. The blue mustache was pretty cute!