Monday, January 25, 2016

Whimsical Fabric Quilt Along - January

The sewing machine and all my totes of colorful fabric have been calling my name every time I walk through the office/craft room. After our whole family being sick for days on end and stuck at home going stir crazy someone in a crafting group I'm in mentioned that a year long quilt along with Whimsical Fabric had just started and my interest was piqued. I am not the most experienced or talented quilter but I would like to become one and this promised to be a doable project. Plus, I need something to keep me occupied while the weather is so terrible here right now. I should be unpacking boxes buuttt.....I might be doing some sewing too.

So, I jumped right in! The project for January is a tiny 9 block square made out of 2 inch pieces of fabric. After rifling through my scrap box I threw together 4 blocks. You were only required to make one but they are SO SMALL that I didn't think I would ever have enough squares to make a big blanket at the end of the year if I didn't make multiples.

My pictures aren't the greatest since it is rather late here in Germany and I am ready to head to bed but here they are. My four beeAootiful quilt blocks!

And all four of them together, just to see how they looked. I have no idea how they will end up spaced throughout the finished quilt.

I am excited to have a reason to quilt every month. Maybe all my unfinished projects will get done if I am already in the sewing corner working on new quilt blocks each month!

Provo House Pictures

This is super delayed with all the craziness that happened at the end of summer with me breaking my toes, Scott leaving for training, remodeling the house and putting it on the market while getting ready to move overseas. are the pictures of our house in Provo that were used in the sale listing. So, if you never got a chance to visit our lovely historic home or didn't get a chance to see it after I stripped wallpaper for weeks and painted like there was no tomorrow (cause there really wasn't, we had a deadline) here you go!

The view from the street

The backyard/garage (it's hard to see but there are 3 fruit trees growing back there)

The Entry Way

 Living Room

Master Bedroom, just off of the living room  

 The Girl's Room (upstairs)

Bathroom (much different after being totally gutted and redone! No more pink tile and floral wallpaper)

The Kitchen

Downstairs Bedroom (we always used it as a playroom but staged it as a bedroom)

Downstairs Storage Area (the laundry area is in the other half of the open space in the basement)
 No pictures were taken of the other massive room in the basement. It was the final project that I finished the night before the house went on the market. It is twice the size of the other downstairs bedroom and we used it as a craft room/office. There is also a very large pantry in the basement that didn't get pictured along with an under the stairs storage area where Scott kept his tools.

Except for the master bedroom, every painted area in the house was painted before we put the house on the market(after much wallpaper stripping, patching, sanding etc..). Even the doors. My awesome brothers/sister-in-laws/nephews, etc... made several trips down to help sand and paint the gazillion doors in this house and hang all the pictures.  The wallpaper that did stay was cleaned and re-glued down by my father, which was definitely a labor of love (even the wallpaper on the ceiling in the kitchen). There is nothing quite like spending time with grandma to keep my kids entertained during all of this. My mother was a life saver with those two kids. My father-in-law practically lived at our house for awhile while the big stuff was getting done and had valuable expertise. It was definitely a family project. As much as I loved this house and the charm of it I don't think I am ready for another fixer upper for at least 20 years, if ever.

So, if you never were able to see our house, now you've had a bit of a virtual tour! One of these days I will get our pictures unpacked and put up and show you our house here in Germany!