Saturday, April 9, 2011

Diet Update

So, today is the middle of day 5 in the diet. AND.....I've lost five and a half pounds!!! I would have lost more if I hadn't been cheating. I wasn't at home for a day and a half and hadn't planned on being gone so the diet didn't go exactly as planned on the day by day schedule. Yesterday was supposed to be the soup, bananas and milk day but it ended up being more like bananas and veggies day. But still, with all the cheating and alterations I am pretty happy with my progress. I may not lose the 10-17 pounds the diet is supposed to help you lose but at least I'm losing something!!! Yay!!!
And also the soup wasn't as bad as I thought it would be!! It's edible :)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Cabbage Soup Diet

So, I started the army diet/cabbage soup diet yesterday. I've never done "extreme" diets before because I don't do well with being completely restricted from certain foods. Yesterday was the fruit and cabbage soup only diet. I didn't have all the food to start off the day but even so I did really well the first half of the day. The second half was hard because I still needed to cut up veggies, lots of veggies for the soup. Dealing with a teething baby who gets crankier as the day progresses is not helpful when starting a new diet that requires a lot of willpower. The soup ended up getting put on the stove around 9 and then exploding not to long after that. So, I still need to pull out the oven and clean the wall and floor next to it where the cabbage and other ingredients ended up. Yuck, not looking forward to that. So, by the time I finished making Ranch burgers for Scott's dinner I was starving and a bit frustrated so I ate half of a burger(on a whole wheat bun). Also, later that night I ate half of a graham cracker. So, my first day on the diet wasn't a huge success but it also wasn't a huge failure. So, I have decided that cutting myself a little slack if I cheat a tiny bit every day is necessary for my mental state. Now, I'm talking about the half a graham cracker kind of cheating, not the half a hamburger cheating.
Lest anyone think Scott expects me to make him dinner while I'm on the diet, he doesn't. He has told me several times that he can cook for himself. But, I had already bought the ingredients for this weeks menu and I wanted to try a new recipe and make the ranch/mozzarella burgers.
Today has been equally hard. Mostly because I haven't been able to force myself to try the soup because of it's looks. But, it's on the menu for tonight and I have committed to myself that I will eat it if it kills me, which I've heard isn't a possibility. Today I ate a whole graham cracker and a spoonful of Nutella. Sigh, so shoot me for cheating. It could be worse though. I started at 161 pounds and I will weigh myself in the morning and see if I've lost any weight. I don't anticipate losing as much as quickly as the diet says you can simply because I haven't been eating the soup and I cheated. But, any weight loss will be exciting! It may take a few extra days and that's okay.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Project for my final night of cake class.

Made for the anniversary of Barnum and Bailey forming a partnership.