Monday, August 27, 2012

Falling back on the past

I grew up listening to a lot of classical music, broadway show tunes and oldies. Even on road trips  my dad would listen to a set of cd's called power classics or something along those lines. They were more upbeat classical music, but classical music nonetheless. Not all of the music was boring, I remember being fascinated by The Grand Canyon Suite and by the composer's ability to tell a story and replicate the sound of hoofbeats in music. We would listen to stories on the record player and Peter and The Wolf was my favorite! (This was before I broke my dad's record player).
Despite there being interesting music mixed in there I always envied my friends whose parents were more contemporary and "with the times" and looked forward to the time when I could listen to whatever I wanted ( I remember being scolded in Junior High when I left my clock radio on when I for school and my mom discovered I had been listening to soft rock).
When I did get old enough to make my own music decisions I almost totally abandoned my upbringing of classical music in favor of more popular styles. In the last few years, and especially in the last few months as I have had more struggles in my life and needed more peaceful moments to rejuvenate my spirit I have fallen back on my childhood and back in love with more classic sounds that can soothe me.
This definitely doesn't mean I have distanced myself from popular music entirely but I am definitely becoming more balanced. I definitely appreciate that more popular artists seem to be adding classical instruments such as the cello and violin to their music.
It is easy to look back on our past and focus on the negatives but there are always good things to be found if we look. My parents tried to instill in us a love for music and poetry. Those things may have gone a little dormant for a while but they are resurfacing and bringing back wonderful memories. I am so grateful that my parents put in the effort to give me a gift that I can fall back on over and over in my life.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Abby's First Camping Trip

Abby's first camping trip! We went with some good friends who have a daughter about Abby's age. They ran around in the dark chasing each other. Abby had a running flashlight around her neck and Claire had a cute little animal flashlight and it was fun to see their lights bobbing around in the twilight. Abby loved getting dirty with a friend who loved dirt just as much!

Both girls had cute monkey pajamas that didn't stay clean for long! The rain jacket came in handy as it began to sprinkle not long after we arrived. It ended up pouring rain  most of the night. Despite this and the fact that Abby didn't sleep much which meant we didn't either, we still had a fantastic time and are looking forward to another camping trip!

Abby loves the outdoors and loves her friend Claire. It was so fun to hear them say each others names as they ran around following each other. 

What a cute pair!

Great grandparents

Two weekends in a row we went with my parents to visit my grandparents at their farm in Idaho. Abby had a blast! Playing on the farm equipment and "driving" the tractors made for a happy toddler!

My cousin has a little boy the same age as Abby and they had the best time playing together! After getting seriously dirty, a bath was the only solution for Abby and Jaydyn. 

Painting birdhouses with her cousins. Ignore my lack of makeup and general sweatiness and look at my adorable and happy daughter!

Playing with Jaydyn.

Look at that little pink rabbit getting ready for the swimming pool.

The second weekend we went was the same weekend as my great aunt's funeral. I've been to a handful of funerals in my life but never a day like this. 
The viewing at the family home started at 9:30 am and the funeral started at 11:00. After the funeral (about an hour and a half), they went to the cemetery, then everyone came back to the church for a luncheon and then everyone went to one of the relatives house for ice cream and to sit and chat. 
When one has a toddler you have to be able to fit in a nap somewhere in there. We stayed home from the cemetery and she actually fell asleep in my arms sitting in the rocking chair in the mothers lounge, which, if you know Abby, you know is a huge miracle!

Abby looking at the funeral flowers with my mother.

Abby and her cousin loving jumping on little trampolines at the ice cream get together. 

I took off Abby's dress because I knew the ice cream would be messy and this family member has a huge pond with slides and zip lines, etc... and I knew she would want to get wet. 

It took her all weekend to warm up to my dad  but once he let her "drive" she was a happy camper!