Friday, August 16, 2013

F.H.E. and Goal Zero

 I picked up this pool at a consignment sale as ours had a hole that continued to increase by the day it seemed. When I started filling this one up I realized just how much bigger than our old one it was, it took a while to fill up.....

 This is how we do Family Night at our house!! Abby had been begging to go in the pool all day and so we had a lesson about the creation (land and water being separated, etc....) so I could justify playing in the pool as our F.H.E. activity.

And this is how Lilly does F.H.E.....

Eating time at the Twichel's house!

Company party for Goal Zero at a park. It was stiflingly hot, so it was a welcome relief for Scott and Abby that they had water balloons, snow cones and most importantly, squirt guns!! 

Can you believe this mellow cutie is the same baby as the one sitting in her high chair cheering for more food? Six and half months old and cute as can be! 

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Camping and such

A few weeks ago we had a friend over for dinner while his wife was out of town and we mentioned that we all needed to go camping before it got to cold. Abby heard the word, "camping" and was so excited!! Hooting and hollering and carrying on because she thought we were going that night. When I told her we weren't camping that night but that we would go in 2 weeks her face just crumbled. It broke my heart! Scott set up the tent in the living room and the two of them had a daddy daughter camping trip right there in the comfort of home.

What I found the next morning... 

She had to take some of her babies and animals camping with her. 

That next weekend we set up the tent in Scott's parents backyard and Abby loved it!! We put Lilly to bed just inside the house in the port-a-crib and took the baby monitor outside with us. 

Lilly checking out the leaves in our front yard a few days after the camping trip.She is fascinated with leaves right now. Even the ones on our fake ficus tree in our living room seem to call her name, so to speak. 

The past weekend we went "real camping" with our neighbors. Abby kept asking if we were going to "go cahmping in the wooods" like Little Bear and Curious George. 

The first few hours were a bit rocky since I drove up and met our friends while Scott was still at work. He ended up having to work a bit late that night so it made things a little tricky but we still had a great time and can't wait to go again soon!

This was Lilly's first camping trip and she was quite the fussy baby while we were camping as she was still recovering from soon kind of "bug" in her system. 

If you look closely at her face you can see the remains of the chocolate pudding that she decided would be breakfast. 

Abby put in a lot of miles running around the campsite playing with her friend Beth. 

Monday, August 12, 2013

Hanks Family Reunion Part 2

Half of one day was spent at Smith and Moorehouse reservoir and our last full day was enjoyed at Rockport Reservoir.

Abby playing in the water at Smith and Moorehouse. This girl loves the water and became so much more brave after this reunion!

Our day at Rockport reservoir was AWESOME!!!  I had never been on a waverunner and I've always wanted to try one. Scott and my brother Matt rented one and it was so much fun!! Now, I want one!

We brought our kayaks with us and rented two canoes with the lodge so we had quite the assortment of watercraft. 

Lilly spent most of the time at the reservoir playing on her mat and taking naps! The towel made it an awesome tent! 

Abby wanted to ride in the small kayaks and so Scott had the brilliant idea to push her through the shallows and she loved it!! 

My sister in law Amy and I having a fantastic ride on the tube!

While out on the waverunner, Scott and our niece Madeline hit the wave from a big boat and flew about 7 feet into the air. The ride back to shore was a little more pain filled than I think they anticipated when they climbed on the tube!

Lilly didn't really enjoy the lifejacket and being in the water but once she was away from those things she did great! 

Our trip to the reservoir was great. There were a few huge crazy things that happened though! While pulling my two13 year old nephews on the tube I must have run over the rope and it got tangled under the boat. We were so far out in the reservoir that no one could tell we needed help. We climbed off and started swim/pushing the waverunner back to shore. It was excruciatingly painful!! We were making a little progress but it would have taken FOREVER to get back to shore. Another nephew went by on a kayak and so we sent him back to shore to get help and my brother Joe came out and towed us back to shore. Eventually the men were able to cut the rope and get the waverunner working again!

Hanks Reunion 2013 Part 1

About a year ago my mom asked if my sister Stephanie and I would plan a family reunion for my immediate family in the summer of 2013. After many months of planning, many phone calls, and a few extra pounds from the stress the reunion actually happened!
We rented a FANTASTIC place called The Harston Heartland Lodge. If you've never been there you are missing out!! There was plenty of room for our huge family and so many things to do that the kids stayed busy! It had been a long time since we had seen this much family and so this was a real treat to see those who could come! Hopefully at the next reunion everyone will be able to make it!

This is just a smattering of pictures from a few of the weeks highlights.

Each family had a different bandanna color and the kids were gracious enough to model them for us!

Our first night there happened to be my niece Rachel's birthday and so we had a party. The kids decorated hats, made balloon animals and had a great time.

 My sister Stephanie holding my cute little Lilly. Lilly was such a happy girl with her auntie Steph!

My mom and Lilly having a bonding moment!

We had a White Elephant gift exchange that was a bit of a riot! My grandparents and my aunt Michelle came for a day and got to join in on the fun and an early birthday party for my grandpa's 90th birthday.

My brother-in-law, Darren was nice enough to entertain Lilly while Scott was in charge of the White Elephant and I tried to relax a bit(in the background looking out the window).

Lilly spent most of the reunion being held by loving cousins and aunts and uncles who couldn't get enough of her! When she wasn't being held she loved playing with her toys and practicing her new skill of rolling over. Even while playing on the floor her cousins couldn't leave her alone! 

We roasted marshmallows in the firepit one night and had a blast.  

Abby enjoying her roasted marshmallow. 

Scott hanging out with my dad, watching the kids playing on the grass. 

Lilly playing on her mat on the grass after our family pictures. 

Abby sharing her candy with her cousin Emmeline. Would you guess that these two are almost the same age?

Friday, August 2, 2013

Hello again

Its been far to long since I have devoted any time to this blog. The last few months of my pregnancy with Lilly were excruciating to say the least and I've been crazy busy with a new baby and a toddler since then.

Lillian Kate Twichel was born February 1st 2013. She was a healthy seven pounds eleven ounces and cute as can be. The c-section went pretty smoothly compared to last time


She's a healthy and very happy little 6 month old baby now and we love having her in our family!

If you are wondering why a post now after its been so long I can only point to Scott. Having a blog was his idea from the very beginning (I'm not much of a writer). And yet he never wrote on the blog. He has finally decided to write and started another blog which has motivated me, at least a little bit. So, keep checking here but also keep your eyes on: