Saturday, January 28, 2012

Double Trouble

I feel like I am the mother of twins. Starting the beginning of January when BYU started a new semester I began watching a little boy who is two months younger than Abby. My friend is a teacher and so the baby comes over to play during the day while his mom is teaching and his dad is in class. I have gained a lot of respect for mothers who have twins. It is double the work! It seems like when one has a dirty diaper the other one also has one at the same time! When one cries, the other one cries. It has been really nice for Abby to have a friend to play with during the day besides me. They communicate in baby code. Whenever they are in different rooms they start jabbering as loud as they can and the other baby responds and starts looking for them. Abby is a very proficient walker and her running skills are looking good. The little boy has mastered the army crawl and he is quick! He can usually make it through the living room, kitchen and hallway and into Abby's room where I'm changing her diaper before I have gotten her clothes back on.

 Some days Abby is quite maternal towards him. A couple weeks ago she kept trying to "blow" his nose. She hears us blow our noses and so she will take a tissue or a baby wipe and rub it across her nose and make the noise she thinks  we are making when we blow our nose. It's pretty cute to watch.

Will we ever be moved in?

For those of you who were wondering, we have finally purchased and moved into the house we were looking at. It was a long drawn out infuriating process but we loved the house, flaws and all, and so we stuck with it. It has been such a nice change to have enough space to store everything we own. There is even room for the kayaks so they aren't hanging on the wall in Abby's room anymore. When people told me how long it would take to get moved in I didn't really believe them but I am starting to. I though it would only take a few weeks but it's been about three weeks and being all moved in and knowing where things are is still way off on the horizon.
We ended up purchasing a house built in 1929. The basement is mostly unfinished but there is a cold storage room with shelves which is turning out to be a nice pantry/food storage room.
Despite being so close to our old apartment we are in a different ward. If the house was on the other side of the street we would have stayed in the same ward.  This our third ward in the same stake! Ironically, an old mission companion of mine bought a house a few blocks from us and they are in a completely different stake! Welcome to Provo I suppose.
I am looking forward to being all moved in eventually and getting all set up in the basement with office/study space for scott and craft/sewing space for me! It will be so nice to be able to leave out a project that is being worked on and not have to put it away every time. Maybe I will get more things done since I won't have to take the time to set everything up every time I want to work on it.
We are looking forward to having a housewarming party once we feel a little more settled and we are excited to see all of you!