Saturday, July 9, 2011


I finished re-reading The Fire of The Covenant last night since Scott is at the ward Priesthood retreat/campout and I wasn't ready to just go to bed. There is nothing like reading about the sacrifices and experiences of the handcart saints to give you a new perspective on life and your challenges. My ancestors were in the handcart companies and without them, I don't know where I would be. Would I be a Latter-Day Saint? Would I be married to this incredible man who brings so much meaning to my life? Would I be as close to my family as I am? Would I have the desire to be a great mother?
Since becoming a mother I am gaining a greater understanding for the struggles the pioneer families went through. The struggles and heart ache of losing children and spouses I cannot understand but I can understand the deep love of family and desire for your family to be following the prophets counsel. I know what I feel barely scratches the surface of what the saints felt and went through but their stories have given me more strength and more focus to make it through my trials and to find the fire of my covenant inside me when times are tough.