Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Growth

At the beginning of the semester (around september) I bought some little houseplants and replanted them all together. I was very excited to have plants because it makes me feel very wifely and nurturing. Sadly, they didn't last long. As the temperature droped they began to wither one at a time until all three had shriveled up into little black sticks. I had almost given up on encouraging life in the apartment when I had some inspiration while looking at an avacado. We toothpicked the avacado pit and put it on a cup full of water to help it sprout into a tree. For a long time the pit didn't do anything and I was about to give up when it began to crack open so the roots could come out. A few weeks ago it began to grow in leaps and bounds and sprout out the side(it's supposed to come out of the top but it was in a place where the light was coming from the side). I was so excited that it was finally showing progress!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

So, after ignoring the messy bed you will see the finished blanket folded in half!

Christmas was a very busy time for us, with school, work and making Christmas presents. In my family we are assigned one sibling and their family to give gifts to because there are too many of us. This year we had Ben and Athena and their two darling little girls. About three months before Christmas we decided to make a blanket for them and after much thought and several brainstorming sessions with other siblings and my mother we decided on a cream color for the yarn and got to work. After three months of work a rather large and impressive(at least to me) blanket was produced from my crochet hook. I have to say I am rather pleased with it and thoroughly enjoyed the learning process that I experienced!