Monday, January 25, 2016

Whimsical Fabric Quilt Along - January

The sewing machine and all my totes of colorful fabric have been calling my name every time I walk through the office/craft room. After our whole family being sick for days on end and stuck at home going stir crazy someone in a crafting group I'm in mentioned that a year long quilt along with Whimsical Fabric had just started and my interest was piqued. I am not the most experienced or talented quilter but I would like to become one and this promised to be a doable project. Plus, I need something to keep me occupied while the weather is so terrible here right now. I should be unpacking boxes buuttt.....I might be doing some sewing too.

So, I jumped right in! The project for January is a tiny 9 block square made out of 2 inch pieces of fabric. After rifling through my scrap box I threw together 4 blocks. You were only required to make one but they are SO SMALL that I didn't think I would ever have enough squares to make a big blanket at the end of the year if I didn't make multiples.

My pictures aren't the greatest since it is rather late here in Germany and I am ready to head to bed but here they are. My four beeAootiful quilt blocks!

And all four of them together, just to see how they looked. I have no idea how they will end up spaced throughout the finished quilt.

I am excited to have a reason to quilt every month. Maybe all my unfinished projects will get done if I am already in the sewing corner working on new quilt blocks each month!

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